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When Great-Grandpa Knox set his roots in Gold Beach, Oregon in the 1930s, it was his dream to build the foundation for opportunity for future generations of his family. And that is just what he did. We couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our family and our business.

1st Generation

Robert Myron Knox first established his foundation in Gold Beach, Oregon in the 1930s. Great-Grandpa Knox was a born rancher and was enthusiastically involved in his work. In 1930, he was the first Extension Agent hired in Curry County. By 1934, his work was so well received that farmers and ranchers in Curry County petitioned the County Court to hire him as their full-time county agent. That same year, he enrolled 222 4-H Club members in 24 clubs.

Great-Grandpa’s additional accomplishments as a county agent included working with the Curry Extension Advisory Committee to bring electricity to Curry County, spearheading the development of a hospital in Gold Beach, and was the driving force behind implementing the requirement of the Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccine in Curry County.

Great-Grandpa Knox was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame in 2007.

4-H Club Work

Great-Grandpa Knox was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame in 2007.

Grandpa Charles Knox

Grandpa Charles Knox on horseback

Family Ranch

Grandpa Charles Knox with young son Scott Knox before investing into Wagyu

2nd Generation

Charles Robert Knox followed in his father’s footsteps, expanding the family ranch and other family ventures.

Grandpa Knox was a visionary and, together with his wife, Gerry, saw many of their projects completed. Among them, the fish hatchery at Indian Creek, Indian Creek Resort, Rogue Hills, Rogue Shores subdivision, and the Forest Service Complex. It was in his late years that he took a risk with his son when they invested in two Wagyu embryos.

3rd Generation

Robert Scott Knox spent his childhood working cattle with his grandfather. Upon graduation from Oregon State University, he began to raise his own herd on the family ranch. Scott continues to run the ranch with his wife, Karen.

It was in 1993 that the first Wagyu embryos arrived. In 1994, our first born Wagyu calf, Yoshatoni, would end up being just the 5th full-blood Wagyu to ever be born in the United States. Moriyama, her bloodline sister, followed shortly becoming the 11th full-blood Wagyu born in the country. At that time, the Knox’s were one of only two families in the United States to have full-blood female wagyus.  Read Article.


First Wagyu

Felicia Knox, Scott Knox, Jeffrey Knox with first Wagyu calf Yoshatoni (1994)

The Legacy Lives On

Jeffrey Knox and Felicia Knox operating the 4th generation cattle company (2014)

4th Generation

Jeffrey Robert Knox has inherently kept the family legacy alive. After graduating from Oregon State University in Agricultural Business in 2013, Jeffrey is the 4th generation Knox to return to Gold Beach to work the Ranch. He and his sister, Felicia Knox, have helped to lay the groundwork for the emergence of Pacific Rogue Wagyu to the beef production market.

For the past 20 years, the Knox family has built their full-blood wagyu herd to a level that cannot be matched by many. In the past, they have strictly sold their animals as top-quality breeding stock. As of 2013, they have entered the beef production market as Pacific Rogue Wagyu.

Together, and thanks to previous generations of support and groundwork, Scott, Karen, Felicia and Jeffrey operate as a 4th generation, completely family-owned and operated cattle company.

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