Cross Rib Steak
Cross Rib Steak
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Cross Rib Steak

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The cross rib steak, also known as a shoulder steak, neighbors the chuck. The heavily used shoulder muscles create intramuscular callogen, which breaks down while cooking to create great flavor. Although more tough than some of our other cuts, the unique tenderness of wagyu allows the cross rib to be enjoyed like other high end steaks. Or prepare it like you would your average beef with a marinade and slow cook and you'll be in for the cross rib of your life!



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The Knoxes are considered a pioneer family where American Wagyu is concerned, raising 100% genetically pure full-blood Wagyu on their Oregon ranch.

The cows at Pacific Rogue are pasture raised and grain finished, never receiving growth hormones or unneccesary antibiotics.

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